Instagram bio ideas, tips & inspiration for brands

Break it up with spacing & line breaks

Line breaks & spacing let you break your bio into bite-sized chunks of information that are easy for visitors to scan, so you could highlight the most important things about your brand. Vancouver blogger Rebecca Bolwitt (a.k.a. Miss 604) combines line breaks & emoji to highlight her personal brand.

Image via Miss 604 on Instagram.

Implementing this formatting could be tricky on your mobile device, especially if you’re using an iPhone/iPad. There are 2 ways to achieve this look.

  1. Mobile Method: On an iPhone, open up the Notes app & write out your bio as you would like it to appear, including line breaks. Select all & choose ‘Copy,’ then open up the Instagram app. Select ‘Edit Profile’ after that paste the text from the Notes app into your bio field in the Instagram app and choose ‘Done’ to save.
  2. Web Method: Visit your Instagram profile, choose ‘Edit Profile’ and space your bio as you would like it to appear, click ‘Submit’ to save. Note that when you view your profile on the desktop, it appears without line breaks.

Line breaks & spacing do not always work the same way for web & mobile views. Since Instagram is primarily a mobile app, you could prioritize the mobile look, but be sure to view your profile on both a mobile device & a computer to make sure it looks okay in both formats.

Use branded hashtags to collect user-generated content

Nothing makes a more compelling brand story that images of real people interacting with the brand. The easiest method to collect those images is to include a branded hashtag in the bio that gives Instagrammers a method to share their content for you to regram on your own feed.

Look no further than the GoPro Instagram account to see this concept can be used to make a beautiful feed that gets people excited about using the product.

Branded hashtags are not for products. PayPal combines emoji and a branded hashtag to set up a feed that showcases moving money like a deeply personal service, humanizing the brand.

Image via PayPal on Instagram.

Remember that any hashtags you include in your bio are clickable in the Instagram web interface, however, not in the mobile app. For more Instagram hashtags & how to make them work for your brand, check The Complete Instagram Hashtag Guide for Business.

Include a call to action

Like any good marketing communications, your Instagram bio has to include a call to action—what do you need visitors to do after they visit your profile?

Airbnb uses theInstagram feed to showcase tantalizing photos of homes available to book through the service. Since Instagram customers are sure to have their curiosity about the particular properties piqued, Airbnb’s call to action is easy: “Book from our feed.”

What is your conversion aim for Instagram visitors? If you are showcasing visually compelling products, like Airbnb, you may want to send visitors directly to a site to buy. But you might also want people to Like your page on FB, sign up for your newsletter, or take some other action that aligns with your marketing aims.

Be clear in asking your visitors to take this step, and make sure it aligns with the link you entered in your profile, which will appear right now after your bio.

If your aim is to build an Instagram following, your call to action may be simply to ask visitors to follow your feed/to share their photos with a branded hashtag.

Include your contact information

Imagine a user stumbles across your loves your work, Instagram account, and wants to connect with you in the future. But how?

Include your contact information, such as an email address, so users can get in touch directly (rather than leaving a comment on a post & risk it getting lost in a flood of messages).

Highlight what makes you special

What sets you apart from competitors?

A great Instagram business profile accurately describes what your business is & what it does. Part of that is the unique skills/services you provide as a brand. Are you a local business? Is your product ethically made? What other fun facts could you tell users about your brand? This is also a good way to showcase your company’s personality.

Include your hours of operation

While someone can easily search online for business hours, adding this information to the Instagram profile makes your followers’ lives just a little bit easier. With Instagram’s geo-tagging feature, the platform is used as a discovery tool by locals looking for local businesses.

With these Instagram bio ideas in hand, you are ready to create a bio that showcases the best of your brand & compels visitors to like, follow, even buy, all in 150 characters or less.