Five Ways to Use Educational Emails to Engage Your Customers

Five Ways to Use Educational Emails to Engage Your Customers 3/4

If you want to kill your email plans before they even get off the ground, blindly blast offers & deals and see what happens.

Spoiler alert: it will not be pretty.

But If you want to create effective email plans that consistently encourage new opt-ins & build an eager list that’s willing to spend, you are going to need to take a different approach.

Become a teacher, not a salesperson.

The Necessary of Educational Messages

The most tried-and-tested means of list-building happens through education & problem solving. This was true in the days of direct mail with copywriting gurus like Gary Halbert and it still rings true today.

Educational emails come in all shapes & sizes. This provides marketers with the freedom to figure out how to speak to their respective lists in need of help.

When we talk about educational messages, we are not talking about sending dull, boring emails that send your prospect straight to sleep.

We are talking about real, actionable advice. Messages that speak to psychology & the pain points of your base.

Your prospects have questions; so why do not you provide the answers?

Not only do educational emails help focus your content strategy & build trust with your base, but also position you as an expert within industry.

There are, however, 5 distinct strategies you can use to engage your list that could be leveraged by marketers of any experience level.

Cheat Sheets, Checklists and E-Books

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to coming up with lead magnets. There’re however, enticing offers such as cheat sheets, checklists & e-books which are standard across given industry.

The beauty of informational products is that they will not cost you an arm & a leg to create and distribute. Similarly, your prospects & competitors alike will view you as a leader if you are able to leverage your knowledge to the masses.

Remember: someone who trusts you enough to download your free information could be warmed up to purchase your products down the road.

Drip Campaigns

Lead magnets are the perfect segue into drip plans. They serve to nurture your leads through a series of emails once they have opted in to your offer. Drip plans are customizable, allowing you to implement any number of emails ranging from personal stories.

The goal of drip campaigns is to warm up your prospects, making sure that they understand who you’re and demonstrating your value accordingly by reading the educational messages.

Beyond the initial guide, the drip plan follows up with a series of five emails. As you can tell from the subject lines below, Goins takes advantage of personal tales to the pain points of his audience & show off his human side. Educational does not always mean facts and figures, as in this case where Goins is leveraging real-life experience to teach lessons to his readership:

Maybe the best part about drip campaigns is that you can basically put them on autopilot andensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck for your email automation. Once you seek an offer and drip campaign that works, you could use them time and time again to build your list for the long-term.

Webinars & How-To Videos

Serving as an alternative to autoplaying video can annoy your base, webinars are a fantastic way to build leads & show off your know-how. Webinars are commonplace in the marketing world to show off reveal tips, tricks & actionable advice. Think: “How to build your traffic” or “How to create a WordPress site in ten minutes” in a visual, sometimes interactive setting.

Many marketers squeeze the most they can out of webinars by sending the replays as part of autoresponder series. Doing so makes the webinar seem more exclusive to viewers versus a static YouTube page. Your subscribers can refer back to the replay message to engage with your brand.

If the world of webinars seems like a bit too in-depth for your business or you are not comfortable in front of the camera, fear not. You could play the role of teacher through screen-capture software & funnel your email subscribers to your own how-to tutorials hosted via YouTube. The prospects will appreciate the visual format as alternative to text-heavy blog posts.

Ask Questions (Answer Them, Too)

Sometimes the best approach to educating your audiences are the direct approach.

Whether you are trying to determine the hot topics on the tongues of your prospects / are looking for future content ideas, it never hurts to touch base with your list by posing a question / survey to them. Through simple, informal subject lines & straightforward messages, Ed Gandia of B2BLauncher regularly reaches out to his audiences for insight.

Content Updates and Blog Posts

There is no easier way to keep your list engaged than by reminding them of a piece of content.

Ideally, you could encourage your subscribers to opt-in rather than hope that they stumble on your blog week after week.

Your company blog is the perfect place to teach your audiences; however, email promotion ensure that your content gets seen by more than tepid organic traffic / stragglers from social media. Check out body copy from CoSchedule which details a killer blog post:

The Bottom Line

Instead, strive to serve as a resource to your subscribers, supporting them with multiple avenues and options for educational content that works to solve their problems.

Through email automation you could sew the seeds of your business’ authority & make sure that your hungry subscribers never miss your messages. Whether you have not started building your list or want to give any of the aforementioned plans a shot, try giving Sendlane a spin and get started.