Engaging Subscribers with Contextual Emails

There is no denying it: content marketing is having a huge moment right now. Business owners & bloggers across all industries are creating as much content as they could in order to educate their audience to build trust & brand loyalty.

But we are moving beyond the strategy of simply creating content that is relevant to a mass audience. Now, the focus is shifting towards creating & distributing content that’s relevant to every individual who interacts with your brand.

One way you could begin distributing personalized content for your customers/readers?

Contextual email marketing.

What is contextual email marketing?

Contextual email marketing is about creating helpful email content & sending it to the right subscriber at the right time. This lets you to reduce the amount of irrelevant content that is sent to your audience, who might become less engaged with your brand as a result. As this continues, they may eventually unsubscribe from your list, or worse, mark you as a spam.

Email automation & segmentation make it possible to send the right content to the right people, which could have a big impact on whether or not they decide to open your emails, read your content, and buy your products.

How would you use contextual emails?

There’re a number of ways in which you can send more personalized emails to subscribers. Here’re a few ideas to help you get started:

  1. Send emails based on subscriber interests.

Let’s say you are a mommy blogger who writes about a number of different topics related to parenting & family life. You might draw in subscribers who’re interested in different blog topics; some want to read your articles about life or work balance, while others enjoy family friendly recipes.

To find out what the subscribers prefer, consider including additional custom fields in your sign up form that asks what kind of content they are most interested in receiving. With that information, you could create a separate welcome series with content that relates to their particular interest(s).

For instance, you might have one welcome show that directs subscribers to content which relates to nutrition, for people who select that option. At the same time, you could have another welcome series for those who choose life/work balance as their main interest, and so on. You could do this for as many custom field responses as you choose.

In addition to creating content for subscribers with different interests, you could also set the time for when you want your emails to be delivered. If you have the subscribers from all over the world, you want to make sure they are receiving your emails at a time when they are more likely to engage with them.

Do this with AWeber: Use our email automation platform Campaigns to build particular welcome campaigns based on custom field responses in your sign up form. Schedule your emails to send at a particulartime of the day when your subscribers are more likely to read them. The emails will send at the designated time regardless of time zone.

  1. Send emails based on geographical location.

Another method to send emails with more personalized content to your subscribers is to leverage data on the geographical location.

An online retailer for instance, might have subscribers from 3 different countries. In that case, there might be timely promotions you may want to send that would only be applicable to those in one country & not another. You would not want to send a person in England a promotional email for Thanksgiving, right?

Keeping in mind the differences between your subscribers could help you determine what types of email experiences you need to create.

In addition to sending broadcasts based on geographical location, you could also do the same for an automated email plan. This opens up the door for creating content that is relevant to your subscribers depending on where they’re; you could have welcome campaigns in different languages, you could change the tone and writing style to better suit different countries & more.

Do this with AWeber! If you are an AWeber customer, simply log in to your account & view the Reports tab. In the left column, you could view which countries your subscribers are from. When creating a plan, choose “On Subscribe” the trigger to start of the plan. Use the filters option in panel on the right side & select the Country you desire.

  1. Send emails based on the buyer journey.

Like the emails you might send to those based on various interests they have, you might also send different emails based on where they’re in the buyer journey.

If you offer an ebook as an incentive to subscribe to your email list, you may want to filter people based on whether or not they are already customers. Why? Because you could create two different email series for every audience; one that contains content to nurture your leads, and one that supports more educational content for fans of your brand.

To do so, make sure to include a custom field in your sign up form that asks if they are a customer. When creating your email plans, set them up with a filter on the webform.

Engaging subscribers with the right emails.

Sending personalized content to the subscribers is a great way to grow engagement – and getting started does not have to be difficult. Are your ideas overflowing with ways you could create awesome content for your audience? Tell us about it in the comments!